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Why medical evidence is key to your car accident claim

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

It helps to present a solid case when seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a car crash. This means supporting your claim with relevant evidence. The stronger your claim, the higher your chances of recovering a fair settlement.

Your medical records are among the most crucial pieces of evidence in your car accident claim. These may include doctor’s notes, test results, treatment plans and hospital bills. Below are some reasons medical evidence matters when pursuing damages after a crash.

Establishing the extent of your injuries

Medical evidence can help demonstrate the seriousness of your injuries, the extent of the damage and the treatment required. This documentation is crucial when calculating the treatment costs and justifying any future or ongoing care you might need.

Linking the crash to your injuries

To recover compensation with a car accident claim, you must prove that your injuries arose from the crash and were not pre-existing. The legal term of this is proving causation. Medical evidence can link the accident to your injuries by showing their nature and origin.

Proving your damages

Some damages you may suffer in a car accident, such as emotional distress, reduced quality of life or pain and suffering, cannot be proven with physical evidence because they do not have a specific monetary value. However, you can illustrate the magnitude of such damages using your hospital records, which can help gauge their impact on your life.

The significance of medical evidence to your car accident claim cannot be over-emphasized. Get prompt medical attention after a crash, follow your healthcare provider’s treatment instructions and keep detailed records. Most importantly, seek legal guidance to make the most of such evidence and present a strong argument on your behalf.