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Experienced Counsel To Establish And Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Whether you are an artist or business owner, you have invested time and money into your ideas and it’s important to protect them. The law firm of Law Offices of Sharon L. Azoulay, P.A., can help you determine if a copyright or trademark is appropriate. If you’ve already received a copyright, trademark or patent, we can help you leverage your properties and enforce against others using your property without your permission.

Our intellectual property lawyer, Adam Azoulay, learned the ropes of copyright law working for a music streaming service. He also worked several years at one of Florida’s largest law firms, assisting entrepreneurs with startup and intellectual property matters. Adam brings extensive expertise in corporate law, trademark law, trade secrets, contracts, licensing, publishing, and more.


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established business, protecting your brand is paramount. Your trademark helps consumers distinguish your goods and services from others in the marketplace. We will draft your trademark application to make sure that it is approved. We conduct an exhaustive search to see what marks are already registered. And we can help defend your mark against infringement, third party challenges, and consumer confusion.

Copyright Law

Navigating the ways in which you can monetize your copyrighted work can be tricky. And often people make use of copyrighted works without even knowing it. If you feel that your IP is being infringed we can help you by drafting a Cease and Desist letter and negotiating proper compensation. Similarly if you have accidentally infringed someone else’s copyrights we can help you to fight it, or negotiate a settlement, whichever outcome appears in your best interest.

Trade Secrets Protection

Trade secrets can be among the most valuable intellectual property in a company. These include client lists, processes, business strategies, designs, financial projections, marketing materials, and more. Our attorneys help protect, maintain, and enforce your trade secret rights and vigorously defend them against trade secret misappropriation. We will advise our clients on best practices for trade secret protection and enforcement.


Whatever IP you currently own, one way to monetize it is through licensing. Sometimes a business just does not have the means or the motivation to see IP come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean other business can’t pay you for the privilege of doing the work for you. If you have IP that you want to license, we can negotiate the terms and draft the contracts for you, ensuring that you are adequately compensated for the use of your property.

Tailored Solutions In IP Law

We take pride in personal service and customized legal counsel. To discuss your intellectual property concerns with Adam Azoulay, call our Delray Beach law office at 786-772-2449 or contact us online.