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What can drivers do to prevent bike accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | Car Accidents

A biking accident can be extremely dangerous. Cyclists may suffer from traumatic brain and spine injuries from an accident. Many biking accidents happen because a driver is negligent.

Here are a few things that drivers can do to reduce cycling accidents. 

Remember to use the “Dutch Reach”

The “Dutch Reach” is a technique used to avoid “dooring” a cyclist. Dooring happens when a driver opens their door in the path of a cyclist. This can cause a cyclist to get knocked off of their bike and hit the ground, which can lead to traumatic injuries. People in cars use the Dutch Reach by opening their door with their furthest arm. As they do this, they look slightly over their shoulder, which can help them spot cyclists. 

Share lanes with cyclists 

While some roads have a dedicated space for cyclists to ride on, many roads do not. Drivers and cyclists often have to share the same road space. To safely share road space with cyclists, drivers should slow down and drive around cyclists, leaving them with plenty of space. This can help reduce cyclist accidents. 

Use headlights at night

Many bikes do not have lights, unlike motor vehicles. Instead, many bikes and cyclists have reflector lights attached to the frame of a bike, helmets and clothing. These reflector lights often only work when vehicles use their headlights. Drivers who do not use their headlights are more likely to cause bike accidents. 

Avoid distractions 

Drivers increase their chances of causing an accident when they are distracted. Many auto accidents and biking accidents happen because a driver was using their phone. When a driver is using their phone behind the wheel, they may be less likely to see a cyclist ahead of them or in their peripheral view. 

If you are a cyclist who was recently injured by a driver, you can learn about your legal options to seek compensation for your injuries, medical bills and losses.