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Mistakes and errors with car accident claims

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

Becoming involved in a car accident on a Florida road could be a shocking experience. Victims could suffer injuries and require immediate medical attention. Even those who are not injured might be mentally shaken. Unfortunately, the experience could lead the victims to make regrettable mistakes. Understanding what mistakes to avoid could help someone navigate the aftermath of a vehicle collision.

Actions after a car crash

Among the most regrettable mistakes to make involves downplaying or self-diagnosing injuries. A qualified physician may discover serious health issues caused by the collision, while the victim might not realize how severely they’ve been injured. Visiting an emergency room may be the only way to determine the extent of the injuries.

Not calling the police could be a mistake since the police may help calm the situation or even call emergency responders. A police report could be vital evidence in a liability claim, as well. The police report might help establish who was at fault for the accident.

Also, admitting fault could be a significant mistake since the admission may be inaccurate. A driver might believe they are at fault for a crash because of false perceptions.

Other potential errors

Car accidents could leave victims suffering from financial losses. Recovering those losses from the liable party requires deliberate steps. Certain mistakes may hurt a victim’s chances of recovering their losses. For example, attempts to deal directly with an insurance company may lead to undesirable outcomes when the claimant lacks experience.

One significant mistake a victim could make involves waiting too long to file a claim. The personal injury statute of limitations applies to car accident cases, and waiting too long to file may result in being unable to seek compensation.