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Fatalities increase despite safer vehicles

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Car Accidents, Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Safety remains a vital design feature with many modern vehicles. Advertising campaigns promote the many safety features newer cars offer. Yet, many accidents continue to happen on Florida roads. An overview of accident statistics reveals that fatal accidents are on the rise. Some may wonder why an increase in safer vehicles has not led to a decrease in fatalities.

Fatal accidents increase

Government statistics show that accident fatalities have increased, with pedestrian and cyclist deaths accounting for 60% of deaths between 2011 and 2022. Government data reveals that despite safer vehicle manufacturing, fatalities have increased. A closer look at why accident victims suffered deadly injuries may provide some answers.

For one, safer vehicles do not affect how safe road infrastructure is. Poor road infrastructure contributes to accidents. So do low light situations; pedestrians and cyclists traveling after dark could be at risk because of his ability issues. The weather could also contribute to similar problems. Pedestrians and cyclists may benefit from being careful when conditions are unfavorable.

Reckless driving and vehicle collisions

While a safer vehicle may protect its occupants against a reckless driver, this protection has certain limitations. A head-on collision at high speeds dramatically increases the risk of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. As for pedestrians and bicyclists, they have virtually no protection against impact. Crashes involving them could increase the potential for fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Reckless drivers who inflict fatal injuries because of negligence may face a civil lawsuit. If the driver was intoxicated, speeding or distracted, these underlying factors might indicate negligence. Surviving familiar members could seek a substantial judgment from a driver whose negligence took a relative’s life.