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Road rage brings dangers to Florida commuters

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

A segment of drivers could become extremely aggressive behind the wheel. The motivations underscoring a driver’s attitude and behavior do not excuse negligent actions. Whatever motivates someone’s road rage might prove negligence in a Florida courtroom if they cause an accident and injuries.

Road rage hazards

Road rage can involve many unacceptable behaviors, including obscene gestures or comments. Sometimes, a road-raging driver might tailgate or cut off another vehicle out of spite or retaliation for a perceived slight. There could be several reasons why a driver acts so aggressively. The person may be agitated for various reasons, such as being late for an appointment or work, being under the influence of a substance, or upset about past incidents with other drivers. Regardless, causing an accident because of angry behavior does not excuse any harm they inflict.

For example, a driver might be upset that a light turned red when they wish to make a left-hand turn. Anger may cause the driver to make any legal left-hand turn after violently stopping down on the gas pedal. Driving in this manner could result in a pedestrian fatality.

Legal consequences for road rage

Feeling upset is not likely an effective counter to personal injury claims after causing car accidents. Reckless driving derived from road rage might establish intent to commit a negligent act, which may open the driver to punitive damages.

Compensation for an auto accident caused by road rage-induced negligence may include lost wages and medical expenses. Punitive damages could be significant if someone suffers a catastrophic injury because of a driver’s behavior. Auto insurance policies might exclude punitive damages, but a civil lawsuit could recover them if the defendant has sufficient assets.