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Slips, falls and grocery store negligence

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | Premises Liability

Exercising extreme care during grocery shopping is something only some do. A routine shopping visit is so mundane that people might fail to be aware of hazards. A slip-and-fall accident might happen in a Florida grocery store without warning. The grocery store’s proprietor can be at fault for the accident, and the victim might have a clear-cut liability claim in such instances.

Grocery store accidents

People can slip and fall inside a grocery store in a few common ways. One way to slip is by walking on a wet surface that has been recently mopped. If the management did not place a warning sign about the slippery floor, anyone injured might have a strong premises liability claim. The same can be true when employees do not mop up spills and strewn food on the floor.

Slipping and falling on the floor is not the only way someone can incur an injury. Poor lighting inside and outside the grocery store may contribute to accidents. The same can be said about broken railings or damaged steps. Also, the exterior pathway, parking lot and sidewalk should be in good condition. Damaged concrete may lead to falls, which can lead to severe injuries.

Legal issues after the fall

Under premises liability law, negligent actions or omissions may leave someone liable for another person’s injuries. A slip-and-fall accident might result in harm that is more serious than imagined. A victim can extend their arm to break the fall but suffer a fractured elbow. Spinal injuries can result in some cases, as can cause traumatic brain injuries. Even minor injuries may leave someone with severe suffering and costly medical bills.

A lawsuit may provide a means for victims to receive compensation. Often, an insurance settlement can cover losses, as grocery stores likely carry business liability coverage.