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Risks of worn-out commercial truck tires in Florida

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Interstate 95 is the busiest in Florida. Its length and numerous cities along its route result in heavy commercial truck traffic and commercial vehicle accidents. Driving on worn-down tires can contribute to commercial trucking accidents.

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in injuries and death. But taking care of commercial truck tires can reduce the likelihood of some accidents.


Blowouts are common when commercial truck tires are too thin. A thin tire can easily sustain damage because it has less protection against debris, punctures and friction. But a tire with the correct amount of rubber and tread depth can better withstand being on the road.


Worn-down tires lose air faster than well-maintained tires. The constant loss of air can cause tires to become underinflated. Underinflated tires can lose their grip on the road. This can make the truck hard to control and result in a skid.


Hydroplaning is when water gets between tires and the road. The water prevents the tires from touching the road, and the tires float on the water. Hydroplaning can cause the driver to lose control of the truck and crash. Worn-out tires are more at risk of hydroplaning because of the reduced tread.

Snow and ice

Florida doesn’t require commercial trucks to have snow tires. However, some parts of Florida occasionally get snow, usually in December, January and February. Snow tires provide improved braking and traction in snow and ice. They are a safety measure, but worn-out snow tires can lead to accidents when driving in snow or ice.

Commercial trucks with well-maintained tires are less likely to have tire-related accidents. Worn-out tires pose a threat to commercial truck drivers and others on the road.