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Clues that a dog might attack

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Premises Liability

Many communities in Florida and throughout the country have rules regarding how owners must look after their dogs. These rules are in place to minimize the risk of an animal hurting or killing a person or another animal. However, if you find yourself in close proximity to a dog, there are several clues as to whether it is friendly or may be planning to attack.

Growling can be a sign of fear or aggression

Dogs tend to growl when they feel threatened or when they are trying to protect their human companions. The growl is a warning sign that the animal doesn’t feel safe or that you are doing something that infringes on its well-being. If you encounter a dog while out on a walk with your own pet, it may be threatened as much by its presence as it is worried about yours.

You don’t want to see teeth

If a dog shows its teeth, it is a clear sign that it is going to attack if you don’t back away or otherwise leave it alone. In most cases, this is generally the final warning before it will physically charge at you or other people or animals in your group. In addition to backing away, you may be able to distract a worried dog and prevent a possible dog bite by making a noise or otherwise directing its attention away from you. This may also work if a canine is barking or otherwise acting aggressive toward your animal.

A dog attack may result in serious head, neck or internal injuries. As a general rule, the dog’s owner is held liable for any damages it causes assuming that it wasn’t provoked. Liability protections may also apply if a dog was on its owner’s property when an attack happened.