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Causes of single car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Car Accidents

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports more than 150,000 car crashes yearly in Florida. More often than not, these accidents involve multiple vehicles. But car accidents sometimes involve only one car. Here are some reasons why a single car might get into an accident.

Avoiding a worse accident

Sometimes it’s necessary to risk a less serious vehicle accident to avoid a serious collision. You might swerve to avoid a truck that runs a stop sign. You bump the stop sign, and there’s damage to your car. However, crashing into the truck would’ve possibly caused a much more deadly situation.

Dangerous road conditions

Bad road conditions are a cause of single-car accidents. Driving conditions are affected by snow, ice and rain. Driving on roads that have potholes, uneven lanes or debris also affects driving conditions. Roads with inadequate lighting are also common sites of single-car accidents.

Car failure

Things can go wrong with a car at any moment. And some vehicle malfunctions can cause accidents. For example, your brakes could fail while you’re driving. Or a tire could blow out without warning in the middle of the highway.

Wildlife on the road

Hitting an animal can cause more vehicle damage than you realize. In fact, animals are a cause of single-car accidents in some areas. You can encounter any number of animals on Florida roads, depending on where you’re driving. Crocodiles, alligators and even bears are common in the state.

Single-car accidents don’t always result in injuries. But when they do, several people can get hurt. The driver, passengers and pedestrians may suffer injuries. Some conditions are beyond your control as a driver but it’s important to always drive as safely as you can.