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Truck maintenance and safety

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

A truck might cause an accident on Florida highways when poorly maintained. Taking steps to repair and maintain a truck could reduce the risks of crashes, injuries and litigation.

Basic notes about improper truck maintenance

A tractor-trailer requires extensive stopping distance due to its mass and weight. So, there are challenges to stopping such a vehicle in time, even when the brakes work. Any problems with the braking system could mean a semi-truck might not stop when the brakes fail. Those responsible for routine inspections could be liable when they ignore critical maintenance, such as keeping the brakes and their connected hydraulic lines in a safe condition.

Wheel and tire inspections appear strongly recommended since a blowout may lead to a multi-car collision. Worn tires might also lose traction, creating another dangerous condition. Errors, such as overinflating the tires, may prove regrettable. Remember, a blowout might also send debris onto the road, and people hit by the flying debris could suffer injuries. Cars that run into torn tire parts may crash.

Basic maintenance counts. Keeping an eye on fluid levels could determine whether a leak is present. An overheated truck may stall, leading to potential risks. Similarly, trucks traveling at night rely on their brake lights and headlights. If anything happens to the lights, visibility on the road may suffer dramatically.

Negligence and responsibilities

When a truck driver violates traffic laws, the person could be credibly liable for any injuries inflicted by motor vehicle crashes. The same may apply to the party tasked with caring for the vehicle.

A driver who realizes a serious problem exists might be legally liable for any harm caused. So, ensuring a vehicle is safe for the road should be the responsibility of any commercial truck driver and trucking company.