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Hotels and premises liability

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Premises Liability

Accidents happen at Florida hotels, and some accidents result in injury. Litigation may follow if the hotel was negligent.

Duties and fault at hotels

Guests, visitors, contractors, and employees at a hotel have expectations that the enterprise will take steps to ensure their safety. Anyone who owns or rents a property – whether commercial or residential – has an obligation to address risks and hazards to others. Those who breach their duties could be liable for any harm those lawfully on the premises suffered.

For example, if the hotel’s management knows about a loose handrail and never fixes it, the hotel could be responsible for someone’s injuries if the railing detaches and the victim tumbles down the stairs.

Hotel premises liabilities could take many forms. Not providing proper security could leave the hotel responsible for assaults on guests by third parties and trespassers. Not cleaning up a spill or posting warnings about slippery floors also opens the hotel to liability claims.

Filing a claim against the hotel

Someone who suffers losses due to the hotel staff or management’s negligence may file a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit might seek losses related to medical bills, lost wages and more. In some scenarios, the injuries could be severe and the negligence so egregious that a jury may award punitive damages.

Ultimately, the hotel must be negligent in some way. If the hotel’s staff did not know about the risk because the issue happened too soon, the hotel might not be liable. Also, the hotel cannot be responsible for injuries caused by the victim’s negligence. However, the victim could have a valid case when the hotel is clearly at fault.