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The primary causes of fatal auto accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Car Accidents

The state of Florida experiences an unusually high number of auto accidents on an annual basis. The worst of these events are fatal ones, which often have similar evidence when personal injury and wrongful death cases are presented in court. The state is indeed a tourist destination for many travelers throughout the year, not to mention the location of a vibrant economy with commercial trucks on the roads at all times. Accidents are bound to happen, but the numbers could be reduced if drivers refrained from certain practices that lead to fatal collisions.


It is well understood that speed kills when on the highways. Speed limits are set based on the degree of danger that any particular stretch of road presents. Even a straight road can present challenges because it often entices drivers to exceed the speed limit, which in turn is common evidence in wrongful death cases stemming from fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is also a major issue that can result in fatal accidents. Much attention has been addressed to the use of cellphones while behind the wheel, but the truth is that distracted driving in other forms has been a problem for many years as well.

Lack of driving skills

It is a known fact that many accidents involve younger drivers who do not have much experience behind the wheel and often fail to use standard safety principles when driving. Failure to use turn signals while moving and disregard for other motorists are common reasons why many accidents occur, and especially during the spring break travel season.

The best personal practice for every driver is understanding and following the principles of defensive driving. Legislatures can enact all of the laws they wish, but it is actually up to the motorists.