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Florida bar facing legal trouble after fatal shooting

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Premises Liability

Many Florida residents like to spend some time unwinding and having a drink. That’s one reason why there are many popular bars within this state. With that in mind, one of those bars is now facing a legal battle in the aftermath of a fatal shooting.

What happened at Off the Traxx?

March 6th seemed to be a normal night at Off the Traxx Sports Bar and & Grill. At around 1:10 a.m., gunfire broke out at this bar. Within a few moments, one person, Alain Noel, was dead. A woman who was working at the time of the shooting was also shot but wasn’t fatally wounded.

The lawyer who is representing Alain Noel’s family claims that negligent security was one of the main reasons this fatal shooting happened. In a recent statement, this attorney would say that Off the Traxx “did nothing to curb that violence.”

A history of incidents

Unfortunately, the shooting on March 6 is far from the first time that Off the Traxx has dealt with legal trouble. A recent incident that took place in August 2020 when three men were involved in a stabbing attack, resulted in a lawsuit against Off the Traxx. As of right now, no one has officially received charges for this incident.

In conclusion, investigators are unaware of who was responsible for the death of Alain Noel. Alain Noel was the victim of a fatal shooting that took place at Off the Traxx Sports Bar & Grill on March 6, 2022. Local law enforcement urges the public to come forward if they have any helpful information to offer.