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What are the most common building fire code violations?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Premises Liability

All Florida buildings are required to follow certain codes to ensure safety. Many fires occur because of common building fire code violations like these.

Missing or expired fire extinguishers

Buildings should have fire extinguishers located in designated areas. They should be NFPA 10 standard to use in the event of a fire. If fire extinguishers are missing or expired, it could spell disaster for getting things under control early on. Extinguishers must also be fully charged for immediate use.

Blocked exits

Exits must always be kept free and unblocked so that people can get through them if a fire or other emergency strikes. When these areas are blocked, it can lead to serious consequences. People might get trapped in the building when they need to evacuate. Building owners can also face severe consequences if they violate the building fire codes.

Using extension cords improperly

Extension cords cannot be used in place of permanent wiring. This is a serious building code violation that can cause a fire hazard. Only use extension cords temporarily until you can have an electrician perform the necessary work.

Open fire doors

Fire doors are only meant to be open if a fire breaks out. They should remain closed during all other times. This is a common building fire code violation. Doors should also only be held open using an approved device.

Improper sprinkler system or none at all

Buildings are required to have a sprinkler system. However, you must have the right type. Some designs are outdated and no longer up to current standards. Even worse is when the building lacks a sprinkler system.

These are some of the most common violations of fire codes for buildings. Owners must keep up with the latest fire safety standards.